In the stillness, we hear the whisper that tells us we are enough, so let’s let the laundry do the spinning and you and I can sip coffee from giant mugs and talk about life.

Author & Founder - Karen Ann Harrison
Writing is my joy, laundry is my career, coffee is my salary, Jesus is my boss and my benefits are amazing grace. Family makes me happy. And crazy.  I’ve been married for 17 years.  Ya'll, that's a lot of forgiveness and passionate kissing!  We have two beautiful daughters who sing loudly (& often) and a rescue dog from Texas who keeps my feet warm at night. My obsession for writing started when I was 10 years old. I wrote the top 10 reasons why I shouldn’t be grounded and slipped it in the vent to where my parents were in the basement.  I heard my dad say “she’s not getting out of her grounding, but the kid can write”  And bam, my superpowers were born. List making, writing and spying on people in basements. When I am not here blogging, writing for, making new friends at the hope writers community on Instagram or reading books like I might die tomorrow, you can find me enjoying a cup of coffee with my husband, listening to my daughters laughter, or getting a thai food fix. In my 20’s,  I would eat cereal for days so I could afford to have flowers on my table.  It’s what made me feel full, and all these years later I still buy lilies because they remind me to sit still and notice the beauty in the mess.      

Things I'm currently working on: Actually mailing the letters I’ve written and stamped. Not being so allergic to the phone & A book about community.