Just Breathe

Does God only exist where the sunrise looks like the sky has been painted with fire and gold?  And if you happen to live somewhere where the sky does nothing but spit bombs and bullets and smoke, has God forsaken you?  

And if your gut aches because the loneliness has gripped you, or your head hurts because your loved one has betrayed you, where on earth can you run to to inhale goodness?  Is there a corner of this earth that is whole and pure and a place for you to lay your weary head and feel protected and at peace?  

Why do good people get sick and die young and bad people rise up to success and grow old.  Our heads spin out of control trying to make sense of it all.  And sometimes we just have to hold our hands palms up and say I surrender, because I can’t carry this all on my own.   

I believe there is a God who paints the sky a thousand different ways, who waits with us in our suffering, who whispers in the stillness, yes child, you are enough.  I believe we all reach up under the SAME sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly sky looking for the answers that make sense to our hearts.  I believe that when we reach out to one another in love and in truth there between us exists the whisper of a God who loves us more than we will ever understand, and I believe that when we exhale, the weight of the world drops and the next breath we take is a reminder that this beautiful messy life is a gift.  

If you’re not so sure what you believe, it’s ok.  Can I at least be one gentle voice that says go ahead and breath darling.  Just go ahead and exhale. 

Ten proven ways to beat the winter blues:

1. Light lots of candles and linger in a bath with scented oils, bath bombs, or bubbles.  Self care!  

2. Don't wait for special occasions.  Buy yourself flowers for the table.  Lilies smell especially pretty. 

3. Bake something that makes your space smell like heaven.  If you don't trust your baking skills, you can buy pre-made cookie dough.           

4. Talk it out with your friends over ginormous cups of tea or coffee.  Make a list of the top cafes in your city and frequent one a week.  

5. Have something to look forward to, even if it's just bed time because you washed your sheets and they smell like lavender.     

6. Netflix.  Of course!      

7. Crank the tunes and move your body!  Winter sports, the gym and even just walking the dog can boost your mood.  Not into breaking a sweat?  No problem.  Go for a car ride and shimmy your shoulders to broadways greatest hits or stay in your pyjamas and rock out to the 80's while vacuuming the house.  Just bust a move!          

8.  Double up on your dose of vitamin D.  

9.  In a relationship?  Make out.  A lot.  More than normal.  Kissing increases endorphins.  Scientifically proven.  Not in a relationship?  Hugs and chocolate baby!                 

10.  If you're an introvert, hunker down with a good thick book and your favourite blanket.  If you're an extrovert, host a gathering and make it a theme party.  Re-charge your battery your way.  

Bonus:  Book a therapy session.  Some people feel like a million bucks after deep massage.  Others just need to get what's in their head OUT.    

Hang in there honey!  There is light at the end of this long winter road.