What are you Waiting For



It feels like our family has been ushered into a dark room with a single candle on the table, 4 chairs and a sign that says “please wait here, someone will be with you shortly.” And we sit and we wait.  Each one of us anxious for different results, that seem to be dangling over us as if the right news at the right time will make everything RIGHT.  If you’ve been there, you know.  Waiting is hard.    

I walk the dog in the morning just after I get the girls to school.  

We come to the end of the path just before the street begins and I see them.

The birds.

There are hundreds of them camped out in a tree. Dozens at a time lined up in bare branches.  I watch as they fly from tree to tree.   Back and fourth, dipping, gliding and soaring, their wings whirring and swooshing past my ears and when I get close enough I see that each little grey bird has a splash of painted yellow on the inside of their wings.    

That’s when I hear a whisper and these 5 things.

  1. I care for them 
  2. They are in community
  3. Their beauty is hidden
  4. They don’t mind what tree they are in.  Just that they have a tree to go to.  
  5. There is a collective singing when they are in the tree.   

I listen to these five things and I carry them home with me and write them down because sometimes when God gives you words, He’s inviting you to give them back to Him in prayer.    

Dear Lord,

Thank you for CARING for us.  That even in times of uncertainty, you are there waiting to hear from us, to tell us how much you care for and love us.

Thank you for our COMMUNITY.  We’ve had seasons where our community was very big and seasons where it was very small, but we know that the friendships you bring us, no matter if they are plenty or few, are gifts from you.

Thank you Lord for being our BEAUTY.  For reminding us that we don’t have to work so hard at making ourselves look good in this world, because it’s not how we look, or about any of the labels that we or others put on us that make us beautiful.  Our worth comes from you.   

Thank you Lord for reminding us that the grass is not greener no matter if we are in the South or the North. YOU are everywhere.  Our safe place to land in good times and bad.  Our homes, our jobs and even our health will come and go, but you Lord endure forever.  Let us build our future on you. A SURE and STEADY FOUNDATION.   

Lord, hear our SONGS OF THANKSGIVING.  We are grateful in the little waiting room because we know that no news delivered by a person can crush us, or elevate us.  Only you have that power and so we don’t wait for the news of the world.  We wait for the whisper of your spirit.  And we sing thank you, thank you.  Thank you.