Let’s face it.  The world worships beautiful people.  

And so for those of us who are average, who’s faces show scars, wrinkles, sun spots and less than chiselled jaw lines, faded eyebrows, receding hair lines and sagging skin, are we to just hide away in the shadows?  The pressure to fix and correct and cover and enhance can be overwhelming.  But WHO started this whole lie?  The one that says botox and plastic surgery, hair transplants and skin whitening, nose jobs and fillers will make you happy, worthy, accepted, youthful, beautiful and loved?  

The bravest woman I know can’t smile because her brain can no longer send the message to her face to do so.

The most generous and loving woman I know has sun spots and wrinkles and glasses.

The sweetest woman I know is so busy loving others and opening her door to the needy that she runs out the door with messy hair and wrinkled shirts.  

The most thoughtful woman I know was teased for the shape of her nose.

These women with hearts of gold and voices of angels and spirits of faith and hands that serve are are busy loving other people.  THEY are beautiful.  

So maybe the world just has it all wrong.  Maybe you don’t need to change your face.  Maybe you just need to open your heart.    

My kids sit in the back of the car listening to me read a magazine out loud.  Well guys, I say to them, this actress is saying she would rather look like plastic than look old.  Her words.  So do you think mommy should get botox?  my kids.  They shouted out in unison.  NO!  Nooo!  Mom, please don’t!  If you did, then you wouldn’t be you.  And I thought about me with the freckles, sunspots, wrinkles and frown lines that sometimes make me look mad.  The lines that prove I’ve smiled a LOT.  Proved I’ve cried a LOT.  Proved I’ve put my face in the sunlight and have done some hard things, spent years up at night raising babies and years smiling at strangers.  Ya’ll.  I wouldn’t erase those.  My face is where you’ll find my emotions rising up to the surface.  It’s where you’ll see you’re loved when I look at you.  When you look at my face you don’t wonder where you stand with me.       

And yet at times I feel the pressure.  When I scroll through Instagram.  When I look at magazines or watch a movie.  I see the worlds standards for beauty and I wonder…am I enough?    

And in those moments, the words that whisper to my spirit are ones that ground me and turn my face away from myself.   

We weren’t created to WORSHIP people.  We were created to LOVE people and "To truly love someone is to see the face of God.” 

That's a face that never changes.  That’s the face I want to run after with arms wide open.  

Yes love, you are enough.