You were made for this

I stepped into the pool at the gym this morning and all the ladies stepped out.
I was left alone in the water staring at a sign on the wall printed in large red letters: 
"In case of an emergency use this phone to call 911.” 
And because I’m a mom of a teenage daughter I started thinking about how middle school must feel exactly like this! 
You walk into the room and feel as though everyone is walking out. You are trying to navigate the waters (what to wear, who to trust with your feelings and secrets, how to fit in) feeling like at any moment you might drown in the embarrassment and utter annoyance of life and your only lifeline is literally just out of reach.

To those sweet kids feeling like the world is backwards and everyone is out for themselves, feeling like you might drown all alone under a ton of teenage drama, just know this one tiny thing that might save you.
You were made for this. 
When everything feels broken. You were made with the STRENGTH you need and a desire to repair and restore broken things. 
When you feel alone, know that you were made with a COURAGE that keeps you pressing forward, even when everyone has bailed on you or is going in a different direction. 
When you feel like everything has gone BAD, from your friendships, to the pressures you feel, to the circumstances that were not what you imagined for yourself. You. Were. Made. For. This. And YOU will be ok.
Because you were made with a HEART that seeks the GOOD in this world. That reaches out for connection. For purpose and love.

So step IN even if everyone is stepping out and remember that sometimes the best help of all is the help that is already built inside you.